Powerful PowerPoints

January 9, 2007

Today we will learn how to insert digital pictures, audio files and hyperlinks into PowerPoint presentations.
We will also introduce or review how to manipulate text, images, Word Art and use templates.

Here is an example of a short PowerPoint with video and website links. Edward Tulane

Helpful tools on the web

Annette Lamb's Eduscapes
PowerPoint Learning Spaces
Using Buttons on a Slide Show

You can link to our instruction sheets from this page.

General directions
Inserting video directions
Inserting Word Art


1. Using the general directions create a short PowerPoint on your topic
2. Change the size, font, color and position of your text
3. Add an image. Resize, duplicate or crop your image.
4. Animate the text and images on each slide
5. Add slide transitions


1. Using PowerMediaPlus or Unitedstreaming search for a video clip pertaining to your Tech Fair Project. Hint: select a short clip (under 10 minutes).
2. Download and save to your network drive.
3. Create a two-slide PowerPoint presentation (or add to the PowerPoint you created in Task 1) and insert your clip using each method.


Further enhance your presentation by adding WordArt, audio files and hyperlinks.
Look at your presentation critically. Ask yourself the following questions:
Is there a sufficient or an overwhelming amount of information on each slide?
Is my presentation sequencial? If not, try changing the order of your slides.
Have I used too many images or too much text? Did I follow the rule of six?