January 23, 2007

Many Tech Fair projects can be enhanced by including audio files. Your students will enjoy recording their voices or musical performances. After becoming more familiar with Audacity, we will learn how to download and save sound clips. We will also review how to burn a CD of your newly created sound files.


Audacity is recording software. It is a free software for recording and editing sounds. Audacity softward can be found on each desktop in the district. Online help for Audacity is available at or you can visit the Audacity Wiki. Please note, the Audacity Wiki is a completely public resource where anyone can contribute and edit.


Soundzabound is a database of royalty free music for schools. Our subscription allows access to several albums of songs.
Usernames and passwords can be found on your database handout, which was distributed on January 2.

Before beginning today's tasks, we suggest you create a folder. You will be working with many files today. Saving your work to a folder will allow you to work efficiently.


1. How to Create a New Folder
2. How to Download Music from Soundzabound

Task 1 Record a fable

1. Select a fable to read.
Web sites with full-text fables: Bartlby or or
2. Print or re-type your fable so it is easy to read.
3. Decide how you will introduce your fable and note which parts you and your partner will read. (Tip: Type a script to clearly define each reader's role.)
4. Using Audacity, record your fable (Tip: Record one sentence or line at a time. This will allow you to take a breath and make future editing easier.)

Task 2 Download music from Soundzabound

1. Login to Soundzabound
2. Search the database for music
3. Download a selection (Directions)
4. Save your selection

Task 3 Enhance your fable recording

1. Insert your music selection before and/or after your fable recording (Directions)
2. Insert a shorter piece of your selection before you reveal the moral of the fable
3. Search the Internet for clips to illustrate the fable you recorded
4. Insert clips into a PowerPoint presentation

Task 4 Challenge

1. Can you create a PowerPoint presentation of visuals while your fable recording plays throughout the presentation?
2. How would you save this presentation and narration to an external storage device?

Task 5 Your students

Let's discuss how we can present this activity to our students.