Get Inspired

February 6, 2007

Today's agenda: Today we will spend some time experimenting with the new document cameras available in each library in the district. We will also introduce ( or review) new ways to organize information and discuss the steps of the research process. There are many new tools for sharing and presenting information available to us for free on the Internet. We will visit web sites for file storage and creating webpages.

Document Camera Demonstration

A document camera is essentally an opaque projector with many additional functions, which we will explore today. It is a great tool for demonstration and sharing and especially important for our visual learners.
Task 1
How could you use the document camera with your students? Jot down a few ideas to share with the group.

Organizing Information and the Research Process

Either Kidspiration and Inspiration software is available on each desktop in the district.
Task 2
Using one of our online databases, research a different aspect of the subject you chose for your Tech Fair Project. Create a web with five facts on this specific subject. Make sure to label each fact bubble. Include a picture for each. See example. Print your work.

File Storage

Technology has made our lives so much easier yet so much more complicated! Many of us and our students have experienced problems saving files to the network. Third party storage sites like Media Fire can rescue us during these frustrating times. Media Fire is also a great way to transfer files from home to work and back again if you choose not to use the exisiting eChalk system. You can share your files with others by following the directions on the site.
Task 3
Save a document to Media Fire. Create an account. Share you file link with someone in the class.

Photo Storage

Flickr is an amazing site that allows users to store, search, sort and share photographs. Flickr promises that its site is a secure way to share your photos with friends. You can register for a basic account for free and begin uploading your pictures. Flickr allows users to 'tag' their photos which makes them searchable.
Task 4
Search for photos of your home town. Find anything you recognize? Could Flickr be useful to you? How could you use it in a school setting?

Create your own web site!

Wetpaint is a really interesting web site. Rather than write a summary here, let's read what they say about themselves here. I started a page over the weekend called Today we will spend some time adding to the site.
Task 5
Start a Wetpaint site. Choose something your students will rely on, read, add to, etc.